Sunday, November 30, 2008

Signs of the times . . . . .

Daniel the Prophet in the Old Testament wrote of an "adomination of desolation" that would occur in the last days before the coming of the Messiah. (See, e.g., Daniel 12:11 and Matthew 24:15).

I wonder, however, if Daniel spelled it wrong, or perhaps the translators misspelled things. With the recent election, we will now have an "ObamaNation." Could it be that Daniel spoke of the "ObamaNation of Desolation" rather than the abomination of desolation? Hmmm . . . . Remains to be seen.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another idea for Iraq . . .

I think both McCain and Obama have it wrong on Iraq. I don't think we should pull out, but I also don't think we should keep going as a "war." It is not unusual for the US to stay around in a country after a war to rebuild. Why can't we move into a "rebuilding" phase? We could continue with training Iraqi personnel and preserving the peace as best as can be done, but if we actually call it a "rebuilding" phase, perhaps we can shift the perspectives of all of us. What do you think?